Rick Warren Issues Personal Invitation to Church Planters

Lindy Lowry —  August 29, 2013
Rick Warren Approved Photo PreachingShowing his support of church planters and church planting, Exponential West host Rick Warren issued a personal invitation to church planters on Pastors.com.

Knowing firsthand the challenges of planting a church, Warren writes in his letter: “I love church planting and church planters, and I know how difficult planting a church can be. When Kay and I planted Saddleback 33 years ago, we had zero support–no conferences, no training and only about a half dozen books on church planting mostly written for missionaries overseas.”

Read the rest of Rick’s letter to planters here and forward it on any other planters in your tribe who need to be equipped and encouraged. 

To download a PDF of the letter, click here. For information on Exponential West, visit the new Exponential West website featuring all 75+ speakers, including Warren.

Lindy Lowry