Making Missional Moves: Free eBooks Package for the Journey

Lindy Lowry —  August 15, 2013

Granger Community Church pastors Rob Wegner and Jack Magruder offer four free eBooks supplementing their 2012 release Missional Moves: 15 Tectonic Shifts That Transform Churches (Exponential Signature Series, Zondervan). Granger Community Church has seen thousands of people move out on mission in redemptive movements locally and globally–from Monroe Circle Community Center, a hub for neighborhood renewal in the inner city, to a movement of more than 1,000 reproducing churches in India that includes more than 120,000 people.The eBooks below were written as companions but can be read on their own, as well. 

g3mapThe G3 Map: Discover God’s Map for Your Church is a tool every church leader committed to making disciples needs to have not only in their hands, but also in their heart and mind. A local church seeking to be on mission with God must expand beyond its natural tendency to fixate on reaching its own tribe to the God-birthed and Spirit-fueled desires to see every tribe included in the Kingdom. G3 is Gods map to the New World. Without a clear view of this macro map that includes all peoples and every tribe, we end up fixated with the micro map of “my people and my tribe,” not truly understanding where our lives and our churches fit within the larger picture. We’ll never make disciples without turning on the G3 Map in the heart and mind of every follower of Jesus. Download the eBook here.

c2oTransformational Partnerships: Church to Church Making disciples is a team sport. If your church wants to disciple their neighborhood, community or city, they can’t do it alone. That kind of community transformation requires you to partner with other churches. When we say “church-to-church,” we’re not talking about swapping pulpits one weekend a year with a pastor friend. We’re talking about a network of churches, both local and global, working together to impact every domain of society. Download the eBook here.


c2cTransformational Partnerships: Church to Organization Community transformation will require the local church to partner with players from every domain of society, including parachurch organizations, NGO’s, business, school corporations, healthcare providers and government. If your church has a vision big enough to believe the Kingdom impacts all these areas, then high levels of partnership skills will be required. Download the eBook here.



spectrum of involvementThe Spectrum of Involvement: Moving Your People Out on Mission As church leaders, we know people won’t become disciples by sitting through services or just studying the Bible in classrooms. Jesus showed us that mission is the context for making disciples who can make disciples. Every church leader faces huge barriers like busyness and fear, keeping our people away from mission. In this eBook, through the story of Granger Community Church, you’ll discover practical help in mobilizing people toward mission in incremental steps. People need a series of steps into deeper engagement with mission. Download the eBook here.




missional movesMissional Moves describes 15 tectonic shifts that unleash missional energy and have the power within them to transform churches, communities and the world. These shifts are explored through the compelling story of Granger Community Church, one of America’s best-known attractional churches who is on a 10-year journey toward apostolic movement.



Rob Wegner serves as a teaching pastor at Granger Community Church, calling the people of God to get out of their seat and into the Story. Under his leadership, Granger has seen thousands move out on mission, culminating in redemptive movements locally and globally, that include expressions like Monroe Circle Community Center, a hub for neighborhood renewal in the inner city; and a movement of more than 1,000 reproducing churches in India that includes more than 140,000 people. Rob is also the lead catalyst for EnterMission, which sparks holistic transformation of communities by cultivating grassroots movements, equipping and networking churches for glocal impact, and forging transformational partnerships across the domains of society. Currently, Rob is working alongside Alan Hirsch in an innovative coaching program called Future Travelers helping megachurches become missional movements. His first book, Share the Well, which he co-wrote with his wife, Michelle, is an eyes wide open experience through visually stunning photos and captivating stories of the holistic church planting movement they helped birth in India. His second book, Missional Moves, released fall 2012. Rob and Michelle have three girls, Madeline, Whitney and Belle, who are quickly becoming Kingdom revolutionaries. You can find him blogging at or on Twitter @robwegner.

Jack Magruder is the Director of Life Mission for Granger Community Church (GCC), leading the way for operationally mobilizing the people of God to bring them back to the bleeding edge of God’s Mission in the world. Over the last near decade, Jack has engineered infrastructure, systems and partnerships between the people of GCC and organizations, businesses, other churches, agencies and individuals to build dynamic platforms for volunteer mobilization, church planter training and holistic community development whether locally in the inner-city community of South Bend, Ind., to the far reaches of the Great Commission in remote Southern India. Jack also helps lead EnterMission, Inc., an organization dedicated to resourcing, coaching and networking other churches around the world for the purposes of amplified effect in ministry, church planting and cross-cultural development around the world. Alongside Rob Wegner, Granger’s Pastor of Life Mission, Jack released the book Missional Moves through Zondervan’s Exponential Series in fall 2012. Jack and his wife, Sami, have two children, Elijah and Peri, and are seeking to move forward as a singular unit of Kingdom Commandos into the territory of Darkness to take back what rightfully belongs to God.

Lindy Lowry


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