Keeping Our Mission in Front of Us (pt 2)…

Shawn Lovejoy —  August 16, 2013

I’ve been talking a lot about our mission as a church the last few days and how we’ve been trying to keep God’s desire that we be blessed to be a blessing, in front of us as a church. Another way we’ve worked to keep this truth in front of our church, is through the stories we tell and the things we celebrate. 

We don’t do announcements in our church. We call that portion of the service the “Share the Vision” portion of the service. We are constantly looking for ways to champion and celebrate the vision and highlight how it’s happening in and through our church! Almost every week, we are looking to share STORIES that highlight the mission being lived out among the people who call our church home. We’ve made an intentional decision for more and more of these stories to highlight people’s desire and passion to bless our world!  Why?

* What we talk about gets talked about. So if all we celebrate is the large crowd on the weekend, or the big production we have or the great preaching we have at our church, guess what people talk about? Guess what our church becomes known for?

* What we celebrate gets done. The things we celebrate show what’s important to us. What we celebrate becomes important to other people. What we celebrate becomes part of our culture! So if you want to change culture in your church or organization, change the stories you tell. Find someone…anyone…who’s living out what you want to see embodied! As you celebrate those stories, other people will be inspired to love the same way; and before you know it: BOOM! Mission accomplished! That’s  what we’re experiencing these days at Mountain Lake…and it sure is a lot of fun!

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Shawn Lovejoy