Keeping Our Mission in Front of Us (pt. 1)…

Shawn Lovejoy —  August 15, 2013

Yesterday I shared about how and why our church just changed our mission statement after thirteen years. Once again our mission is:

Giving people a place to BELONG in a healthy relationship with God and others; BECOME more like Jesus; and BLESS our world. 

Frankly, however, the tougher job is holding ourselves accountable to this mission! If God gives us a mission, and we fail to walk in it, it becomes disobedience in our lives!

Of course, the area where I feel like our church has needed to grow the most is in the are of BLESSING our world. Over the last few years, we have been working relentlessly to be a church that’s FOR our community, not just exists in our community. Here are just a few of the steps we have taken to keep missional living in front of our church:

We rebranded and repurposed our Small Groups. For ten years we called the, “Growth Groups,” which imply that we are there to “grow.” As part of our process, we have rebranded our groups. They are now called “LifeGroups: DOING  Life and BRINGING Life to others.” Every LifeGroup in our church is challenged to live and think missionally as part of its group experience. Being a blessing is part of our discipleship process in groups!   Groups are encouraged to adopt people, families, and people groups, and serve our community with no strings attached. Our small groups are no longer successful just because they meet. They exist to be a blessing! Every small group is an open group.  Every group is challenged to live and serve missionally in our community, and reach out to people disconnected from Christ and the church.This is still a work in progress, but right now, over 50% of our groups have begun to live and think this way! Our goal is 100%, but frankly, we’re up 50% from three years ago! Here’s a snapshot from real groups:

I’ll tell you more about how our church is seeking to BLESS our world and flesh out our mission in new and creative ways tomorrow. Stay Tuned!

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Shawn Lovejoy