Idea: Use a Volunteer as a Church Sign

Lindy Lowry —  August 6, 2013

by Doug Foltz

2013_02_ent_signspinners1For any church plant, exterior signage is a critical tool for letting people know where you are. It’s pretty typical to see several A-frame signs scattered on key intersections directing traffic to their weekend worship facility. However, some cities are not allowing businesses and organizations (including churches) to use these sign holders. Here’s an important tip for navigating that obstacle.

You’ve probably seen the guy on the street holding/twirling the sign advertising a furniture liquidation, store closeout or $5 pizza. Why not do something similar with your volunteers? Just be sure to enlist people who will smile and create a good impression. I always have to laugh at the teenager holding the $5 pizza sign or dressed up as the Statue of Liberty during tax season that looks like they wish someone would just come and put them out of their misery. The person holding your church sign says just as much about the business or church as the sign does.


Doug FoltzDoug Foltz is a self-described church planting junkie.  In 2004, he moved to Charlotte N.C. to help plant LifePointe Christian Church.  Currently, he works as a project manager with Passion 4 Planting where he oversees the start of about 10 churches a year. DougI also serves on the board of the Central Illinois Evangelizing Association and in his spare time enjoys helping assess church planters with the Church Planting Assessment Center.


Lindy Lowry