10 GREAT “Ice Breaker” Questions for Sharing the Gospel

Ron Furgerson —  February 13, 2013

The following is a list of “ice breaker” questions used by Collin Mattoon, a hospital chaplain, as he ministers to his patients.  Perhaps these questions will be useful to you in your church planting and in helping your members start spiritual conversations and share their faith with their spheres of influence. 

From Collin :

Often I would ask the question “Can I ask you a question about your
faith?” before I would ask any of these because it removes anxiety for
the person asking the question and respects the person to whom you are speaking.

1- What are your religious beliefs?

2- What do you believe about God/Jesus/Christianity?

3- Do you go to church? / whats your church like?/ have you had good
experiences with churches before?

4- Is there anything you want me to pray for you about? / Can I pray for you?

5- Can I tell you what I believe?/ Can I tell you what my faith teaches?

6- What do you believe about the Bible? / What do you think the Bible
teaches about that? / Can I tell you what the Bible says about that?

7- How do you see God at work in all of this (the situation)? / How
does your faith effect this situation? / How has God been working in
your life lately?

8- Do you have a relationship with God? Is that relationship important
to you? What does your relationship with God look like?

9- How do you think God feels about that?

10- For coworkers: “Hey I think I have sinned against you and I want to confess that and ask for your forgiveness, can we talk about that?

Collin’s list of questions first appeared at: 10 GREAT “Ice Breaker” Questions for Sharing the Gospel

Ron Furgerson